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Wholesale Program

Do you run a retail store? Do you ever entertain the thought of expanding your product range with posters and photos or of updating your existing range of prints? If so, then we would like to introduce you to an alternative to conventional wholesale: The IcePoster.com wholesale program.

As a straight online distributor, we distinguish ourselves from traditional wholesalers primarily due to the fact that we do not send out catalogues, rather you, our customer, select our products via the Internet. At IcePoster.com, over 120,000 images for print 6 sizes and five media types are available to you for your customers.

Discount table for one-time order:

>$500<$1,000 = 15%
>$1,000<$5,000 = 20%
>$5,000<$10,000 = 30%
                >$10,000 = 40%

Appropriate percent of the discount will be given to you automatically.

If there are any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact email: info@iceposter.com